6th day of protest, Farmers are invited to talk by An Agricultural Ministry

The Agriculture Minister, Narendra Singh Tomar, has welcomed the fighting ranchers for talks today. Yet, the main inquiry is if the confirmations by Tomar will fulfill the ranchers

Farmers, lion's share of whom are from Punjab - a state where Gandhi's Congress is in force - have been dissenting, against what they call "black laws," since these were passed. At first, they hindered railroad tracks in Punjab and later declared the 'Dilli Chalo' walk towards Delhi. They started their walk on November 26 and arrived at Delhi, regardless of endeavors by the Haryana police to stop them. While a part of ranchers is fighting at the capital's Nirankari grounds in Burari, lion's share are enjoying the great outdoors at different fringes of the city and have pledged not to leave till the laws are reclaimed.

A gathering between the public authority and ranch association pioneers on Tuesday was uncertain. The ranch chiefs dismissed the public authority's proposition to set up a board to examine the laws and said that the fights will proceed.