Corona Vaccine: 2 vaccines are approved in India, Brazil will buy 5 million does of Covaxin

India's approved Covaxin vaccine got demand in world: Produced by Bharat Biotech's

The Brazilian Association of Vaccine Clinics (ABCVAC) has entered into an agreement with Bharat Biotech. Under which Brazil will be given 5 million doses of covacin. However, the final seal on this will come after the approval of Brazilian health regulator Anvisa.

On January 3, the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) approved the emergency use of Oxford-AstraZeneca Covishield and Covacin. A third phase trial of covexin is underway. Earlier, its emergency use was allowed. Bharat Biotech has not yet said how effective it is. Yes, that's right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. Meanwhile, AIIMS Director Dr Randeep Guleria said that antibodies would develop in the body 2 weeks after taking the second dose.

People will be vaccinated under the vaccination program. Companies have been told - 'Complete the third phase of the trial and submit a report so that a permanent license can be determined.' DCGI stated that both vaccines have common or minor side effects. There is a mild fever, allergies, etc. But both vaccines are 100% safe. Things like becoming impotent with a vaccine are baseless. It is possible that covacin will not be sent to the state to which covshield will be sent. There will be no confusion during this vaccination. For this, the standard operating procedure (SOP) will be decided in two-three days. With a target of vaccinating 300 million people by July, both approved vaccines will take two doses each.

Director General of ICMR Prof. "The vaccine is completely safe," said Balram Bhargava. It will work on all changes made to the virus so far. It is not clear how effective it is. This was completely effective in animal studies. In the first and second phases, 800 people were vaccinated, none of whom contracted corona. The 22,000 people vaccinated in the third phase have not yet shown any side effects. Final results are yet to come.

"Now we will only give the vaccine to the government," said Adar Poonawala, CEO, Serum Institute of India. When we have a permanent license, we can also export, no problem. In trials, Covishield volunteers were first given a full half-dose. It was 90% effective. The full dose was given a month later. When both were given full doses, the effect was reduced to 62%. The average efficacy of both doses will be 70%. According to a senior health ministry official, about 75 million doses of Covishield and about 10 million doses of Covacin are ready. Director General of ICMR Prof. Balram Bhargava said that only adults in the world are vaccinated. Later, research will be done on people under the age of 18, and when the results come out, it will be decided to vaccinate people in this age group.