Ground report from Biden's home state:Nearly 85% of Delaware alcohol organizations are claimed by Gujaratis, Biden observes Deepawali and furthermore Garba

The state of Delaware is currently under discussion in the US. President Elect who lives here by Biden. This state is also called Small Wonder in America. The capital of this state with a population of about 1 million is Dover. The largest city is Wilmington. Biden lives in this city. His campaign office was also here.

Delaware businessman Palash Gupta, who was in support of India in the nuclear supply deal, says - Biden's cousins ​​live in Mumbai. So, they want to go to Mumbai. He has always had an affection for Indians. There is every hope that his attachment will continue beyond India. Because, India is a developing country. When Barack Obama was president, Biden was in India's support in the nuclear supply deal. He was the one who got the civil nuclear agreement passed.

Paresh Patel of Delaware says- Biden lives a mile from my house. Me and my family have known him privately for 36 years. I was present with the family at the church when Biden came to burn the candle at the Delaware church after the election victory. We have family relationships.

India or Modi is not anti-Biden
Paresh says- It is being said on social media that Donald Trump is the good friend of India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris are being called anti-India and anti-Modi. It is being said that his inclination is more towards Islam. This is completely wrong. Biden said shortly before that he would further strengthen relations with India. The Democratic Party has raised its voice in favor of India many times over a year. Biden, who was the Vice President during Obama, gave a grand welcome to Modi in 2014. Paresh Patel helped Biden greatly during the election.

Biden is a family of calm and sweet-spoken person. Even at the age of 77, he has passion like youth. He is a family man. While a senator, he traveled daily from Delaware to Washington by train. This is so that we can give time to the family every day.

Biden has two homes in Delaware. Biden and wife Jill bought a house two years ago. He made an office in the basement of the house to avoid Kovid during the election campaign. Did online campaigns from this office. People also liked it a lot.

No sales tax

There is no major landmark in Delaware. Despite this, this state is famous. There is no sales tax on purchases here. Most big US companies register their corporate offices here. Because less tax has to be paid. Property tax is significantly lower in Delaware than in neighboring states. Because of this, there is a competition to stay here and buy property.