New Zealand started welcoming 2021 at Sky Tower in Auckland by fireworks

This year is bringing some high expectations amid Corona's horror

New Year celebrations have begun in Auckland, New Zealand. 2021 was welcomed here with colorful fireworks. This year is bringing some high expectations amid Corona's horror. There are preparations for celebrations in many countries, but with restrictions. First of all, the new year has knocked over Tonga Island near Australia. According to the world's standard time, it is believed that the first night of 12 o'clock is here.

The New Year sun reaches the last of the United States near Holland and Baker Islands (January 1 at 5:30 pm Indian time). However, it is a region where there is no population. In the midst of the epidemic, we are telling you how to welcome the new year.

4 cities in the world, where the New Year celebrations are in the headlines

1. Sydney's Harbor Bridge

This city of Australia is famous for New Year fireworks. It is believed to be the first city in the world, where the New Year celebrations are first celebrated. Ferry races, musical events and military demonstrations are part of New Year's programs on Sydney Bridge from the afternoon of 31 December. These are happening this year too, but due to the corona, the gathering of people has been banned here. The people of Sydney will be able to watch it live.

2. Auckland's Sky Tower

New Zealand is one of the countries where the new year knocks first. In India, when it is almost 4:30 in the evening, New Zealand is clocking 12 in the night. The first big event of the new year will be celebrated in Auckland, New Zealand. The New Year was greeted with five-minute fireworks at the sky tower here. Auckland in New Zealand is the only major city in the world, where the New Year is beginning without any restrictions.

3. Burj Khalifa of Dubai

There is complete preparation to welcome the new year here. There will be fireworks, light and laser show at Burj Khalifa at around 1:30 pm Indian time. People will get entry by showing the QR code from the five gates built in this area. Here the Korana Guideline is very strictly enforced. There will also be live streaming of the program.

4. Times Square of New York

New York's Times Square, which is famous for its 24-hour illumination, will not be crowded the night of December 31. As soon as the evening of December 31 is over, New York police will bar common people from visiting Times Square. However, people will be able to watch the virtual New Year's countdown and ball drop. This program will be held at 10:30 am Friday Indian time. The ball was first dropped here in 1907. This year a 7-foot numericals will be placed above Times Square.

Celebrations will be banned in these cities

  • Singapore: Marina Bay Resort will not have celebrations this year. The Peoples Association's fireworks streaming community will be on the Facebook page.
  • Paris: Curfew is being imposed here every day from 8 pm. It will not be removed even on the new year. The New Year's fireworks show at Paris's Arc de Triomphe has also been canceled.
  • London: The New Year event here has been canceled. However, the city is decorated just like every year. There will be live telecast of decorations and fireworks so that the world can watch it on TV.
  • Moscow: Corona infection cases have been increasing here for the last few days. In view of this, the local administration has banned the Traditional Eve celebration of the new year. Hotels, restaurants which remain open till late night will also remain closed.
  • Berlin: In the city ​​of Berlin, Germany, there are fireworks and cultural programs on the New Year, but this time they have been banned due to the Corona epidemic.
  • Pattaya: Celebrations will be held in most cities in Thailand, but New Year celebrations have been canceled in Pattaya.