New coronavirus entered in India, 6 patients noted new corona positive

People comes from Britain, Previous passenger from britain are under RT-PCR tests at the airport

A new strain of corona virus has also reached India. The virus has been found in six infected people here. All of these had recently returned from Britain. However, it is not yet known where these patients got it from. Of these, three samples were sent to institutes in Bengaluru, two in Hyderabad and one in Pune. The virus, found in Britain, is said to be spreading more than 70 per cent faster.

Two more dangerous variants of the corona virus have been found in Britain so far. The Indian government had on December 21 banned flights from Britain after the first variant was found. The ban has been imposed from 11.59 pm on December 22 to 11.59 pm on December 31. Those who had earlier flown to India underwent RT-PCR tests at the airport.

virus spreads more than 70% faster . Mutations cause the variant to expire on its own. However sometimes it becomes stronger and more dangerous than before. This process takes place so fast that even if the scientist does not understand one form, another new form comes to light. Scientists estimate that a new form of coronavirus found in Britain could spread at a rate of more than 70 per cent.

N501Y: This strain is found in Britain. The amino acid in it is written as N. It was at position-501 in the genetic structure of the coronavirus. Y has now replaced it. 
P681H: Amino acid P has been replaced by H at position -681 in this coronavirus strain found in Nigeria. According to the CDC of America, this position has changed many times. 
HV 69/70: This strain results in the deletion of amino acids at positions -69 and 70 in the coronavirus. France and South Africa have also shown this change in the virus. 
N439K: This new variant was reported by researchers from the Kovid-19 Genomics Consortium (CoG-UK) in the UK. In this, the amino acid N located at position-439 is replaced by K.

N501Y: This is a new strain in Britain. In it the amino acid N is written. It was at position-501 in the genetic structure of the corona virus. It has now been replaced by Y.

P681H: H has replaced the amino acid P at position-681 in this corona virus strain found in Nigeria. According to the US CDC, this position has changed several times.

HV 69/70: This is the result of amino acid deletion at position-69 and 70 in strain corona virus. This change in the virus has also been observed in France and South Africa.

N439K: Research from the Covid-19 Genomics Consortium (CoG-UK) in the UK has revealed this new variant. K replaces the amino acid N located at position-439.

1.02 crore cases have been received in the country , 98 lakh have been recovered. Only 16 thousand 72 cases have been received in the country on Monday. This figure is the lowest since June 23. Then 15 thousand 656 cases came. In the last 24 hours, 24 thousand 822 patients have been cured. While 250 patients have died. Thus, the number of active cases has decreased by 9011. Only 2.67 lakh patients are currently undergoing treatment. A total of 1.02 crore corons have been found infected so far. Out of which 98.06 lakh patients have recovered. 1.48 lakh patients have died.