New strain of covid virus is also introduced in France, and Japan note 5 cases

The first case is recorded in city of tours in France

France recorded its first case of the new variant of coronavirus, as the number of cases and deaths from Covid-19 mounted in the country, increasing concerns of a new wave of the virus hitting the euro zone’s second-biggest economy. 

The French health ministry said a Frenchman who recently arrived back in France from London had tested positive for the new variant of the coronavirus. 

The ministry said the case - the first in France - had been found in the city of Tours. The man in question arrived from London on Dec. 19. He was currently self-isolating and felt alright, the ministry added. 

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock had said on Dec. 14 that a spike in Covid cases in the United Kingdom might have been linked to the new variant of the virus in the country. 

Hancock said more than 1,000 cases of the new variant had been identified, mainly in southeastern England. 

Countries around the world have in recent days closed their borders to both Britain and South Africa following the identification of cases of the new, fast-spreading variant of the coronavirus in those countries. 
France registered 20,262 new, confirmed Covid-19 cases and 159 more related deaths in hospitals in the last 24 hours. 

France’s number of confirmed Covid-19 cases now stands at 2,547,771 while its Covid-19 death toll stands at 62,427 - the seventh-highest in the world. 

Two new variants of Kovid-19 have been found in South Africa in the UK. South Africa has said that the variant found here is different from the variant found in Britain. Now a new problem has arisen. Variants found in Britain have started circulating. According to 'The Guardian', five patients with symptoms of this variant have been found in Japan while one in France. All these have been kept under strict supervision. The special thing is that the five people in which the new variant has been found in Japan, they all returned from Britain last week. Now the Health Department is contacting their contacts.

Department of the Putin government said in a statement - We do not want to take any kind of risk. Various measures have been taken to control the local infection and it has also benefited immensely. 

UK Scientists in the UK are working on a new drug. It is being claimed that the use of this medicine will prevent corona infection. However, 'The Health' magazine has said in a separate report that this drug will be used to cure the infected person. The UK Government or Health Department has not yet clarified the picture. It is believed that scientists from Oxford University are doing research on this new drug. 

Turkish authorities claim that Chinese Cyanovac vaccine results are up to 91.25% effective. After the last round of trials, it has been revealed that the vaccine is completely safe. Health Minister Fehretin Koka said that its first shipment will soon reach Turkey from China. At present 30 lakh doses will be available. This can be done up to five crores. In a few days, the government will also deal with Pfizer and Bioentech for 4.5 million vaccines.