UAE reaching the conclusion to put the restriction on the entry of people of 13 countries including pakistan as well

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) reportedly stopped issuing new visas to citizens of 13 mostly Muslim majority territories.

The Dubai Airport Free Zone said in an explanation that the suspension produced results on November 18 and would run until additional notification. The suspension fundamentally targets new business and traveler visa. It was not satisfactory if there were any special cases for the boycott.  

A week ago, Pakistan's unfamiliar service said the UAE had quit handling new visas for its residents, in any case, added that individuals previously holding legitimate visas were not influenced. Reuters announced that the UAE had stressed relations with a portion of the states recorded, for example, Turkey.


Here is the list of Nations.

1. Pakistan

2. Iran

3. Afghanistan

4. Syria

5. Somalia

6. Libya

7. Yemen

8. Algeria

9. Iraq

10. Turkey

11. Lebanon

12. Kenya

13. Tunisia