India vaccination nears 100 million doses

In India, 34.15 lakh doses were given in 24 hours till 7 am on April 10. The first dose of vaccine was applied to 30.06 lakh people. At the same time, 4.09 lakh people took the second dose of the vaccine. This figure of vaccination is about 3 lakhs less than the previous day.

Maharashtra is still at the top in terms of total vaccination. So far, 96.32 lakh vaccine doses have been given. In the last 24 hours, 2.94 lakh people have been vaccinated in Maharashtra. Which is about 3 lakhs less than the previous day.

So far, 8.57 crore first doses and 1.23 crore second doses have been given across the country. In all, 9.80 crore doses have been given so far. After Maharashtra, Rajasthan has given 92.45 doses and in Gujarat more than 87.74 lakh doses have been given. More than 83 lakh doses have been given in Uttar Pradesh too.

West Bengal is at number 5 in the vaccination. More than 76 lakh vaccine doses have been given here. At the same time, Kourtnakat is at number 6 with 56 lakh doses.

Corona vaccination began in India on 16 January with vaccination to healthcare workers. From 2 February, the frontline workers also started getting vaccinated. On March 1, people above 60 years of age and 45–59 years of serious illnesses started getting vaccinated. Meanwhile, the second wave of Corona dominated and the government included all people above 45 years of vaccination from 1 April. So far, the highest vaccine doses were given on Monday. On that day, 43 lakh doses were given in 24 hours. This is the record for the highest dose of a day.