Become millionaire by quit the job, An American returned home town and started business of food truck and get immense success

Satya and Jyoti began with a food truck in 2012, presently there are three trucks They sell South Indian dishes by food trucks, likewise utilizing 20 peoples

Satya and Jyoti lived in the US. Satya was working in the online business sector there. His better half Jyoti was likewise at work. A couple of years after the fact both got back to India. He expected to begin his own food business. Both began with a food truck as opposed to beginning from lodging or eatery. Today they have three food trucks. The yearly turnover has arrived at 1.5 crores. Likewise offering occupations to twenty individuals. Satya imparted the narrative of her business to Bhaskar.

Sathya says-I went to the US to do aces subsequent to designing. Had taken some credit for the costs of studies. I did low maintenance task to reimburse the advance. In the US, we need to accomplish all our work ourselves. There are neither guardians nor family members. This is the main thing with which we get life. Comprehend the estimation of cash.  

I was learning this while doing low maintenance work with contemplates. At that point began working in the web based business area. We met Jyoti there and we got hitched in 2008. We returned to India after marriage. Jyoti's dad is a financial specialist. They work in the coordinations area, so Jyoti had a decent comprehension of transport, transport trucks.

Subsequent to coming to India, the organization Jyoti was working in had its office in Okhla. There was no food and drink shop close by. South Indian food was not accessible anyplace. Seeing this, Jyoti believed that at whatever point she begins work, she will do it from here. After much exploration, we figured we would begin our own food truck. Since, there was neither much venture nor much danger in it. It was additionally anticipated that South Indian food will be kept.  

In 2012, we began the principal food truck as an analysis. Purchased a recycled truck. Made it from inside. Finding a decent culinary specialist by promoting in papers and began working. Put a food truck in Okhla itself. South Indian food was kept in it. Our business began doing great from the very first moment. The vast majority of the workplaces were the place where we put the truck. Individuals used to come to eat and drink. However, following two months, the business was totally decreased. A few workplaces were shut. A few people had found employment elsewhere.