Global Stock Market Update: Market shows upward trend in almost every market

US Market shows growth while, Asian and European market also escalate except NIKKEI and CAC respectively

American Market 

  • NASDAQ (Dec 24) - 12,804.73

Money Street finished generally higher on Wednesday, with the DowJones Industrial Average shutting everything down and the S&P 500 edging 0.07% higher.  

A pile of blended U.S. financial information indicated lower jobless cases and an uptick in new requests for tough merchandise, yet in addition a pullback in shopper spending, falling individual pay and blurring conclusion as the Christmas shopping season approaches its end a mid a resurgent pandemic.  

Speculators to a great extent disregarded remarks by US President Donald Trump that an almost $900 billion improvement bill, settled upon following quite a while of fighting in Congress, was "a disfavor" that he probably won't sign.

Asian Market

  • S&P BSE Sensex Index (Dec 24) - 46,805.03
  •  SGX NIFTY (Dec 25) – 13,755.50
  •  NIKKEI 225 (Dec 25) -26,663.78
  •  STRAITS TIMES (Dec 24) - 2,842.04
  •  SHANGHAI COMPOSITE (Dec 25) - 3,389.48
  •  JAKARTA COMPOSITE (Dec 24) - 6,008.71
  •  SET COMPOSITE (Dec 25) - 1,481.68
  •  KOSPI (Dec 24) - 2,806.86
  •  TAIWAN WEIGHTED (Dec 25) - 14,323.96
  •  HANG SENG (Dec 25) - 26,386.56

Asian market shows upper graph on almost stock except SG Nifty, NIKKEI 225 and Jakarta Composite.

Asian shares were poised for a weaker start on Tuesday, while oil prices fell, as investors worried a highly infectious new strain of COVID-19 that shut down much of Britain could lead to a slower economic recovery.


European Market 

  •  FTSE (Dec 23) - 6,502.11
  •  CAC (Dec 23) - 5,522.01
  •  DAX (Dec 23) - 13,587.23

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