7th day of Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot get adorable score

The film has seen a decent in first week with 11.50 crore

The film stayed reasonably stable on the weekdays as well owing to the festive season and kept bringing in some sort of moolah. The Gal Gadot starrer has done better than Tenet so far and with the weekend round the corner, more footfalls should come in before the regular days begin.

However, there is still a long way to go before there is a revival at the box office. None of the Bollywood releases has done well so far and even from Hollywood, there hasn’t been any big dhamaka either from Tenet or Wonder Woman 1984. It is also more to do with the universal content which is missing and hence the wait continues for that one big film that at least does decent enough to help bring in 50 crores at the box office.

From Hollywood, there is no announcement of any new film in India. Bollywood also is totally quiet on the release front as even the rumours around Sooryavanshi’s Republic Day weekend release arrival have been quashed. That makes one wonder when and how would the box office indeed see a resurgence as for the first time ever there are several major festival/event/holiday dates available (Republic Day, Valentine’s Day, Holi) but no movies slated for release.