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Dave Bautista leads a crack team of mercenaries braving a quarantined Las Vegas zombie hotspot to attempt a multimillion-dollar heist in Zack Snyder's franchise kickoff for Netflix.

The opening 14 minutes of Zack Snyder’s deliriously enjoyable return to zombie mayhem, Army of the Dead, are a marvel of swift exposition. The pre-credits sequence lays the foundations for prequels to come by revealing the escape just outside Las Vegas of an undead super-specimen, a zombie “patient zero” who appears to be the result of military experimentation. Then, over main titles in dazzling neon pink, Sin City is ravaged by marauding zombies, their onslaught eventually curbed by hardass civilian characters who pause for photo portraits.

Army of The Dead Release Date: 

Zack Snyder's much-awaited film Army of The Dead is all set to release in US theatres on 14 May while it will premiere on Netflix on 21 May. The filmmaker, who is known for helming movies such as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League, 300, Man of Steel, and Watchmen, is returning to the zombie genre with this project.

Army of The Dead Cast:

* Dave Bautista
* Ella Purnell
* Omari Hardwick
* Ana de la Reguera
* Theo Rossi
* Matthias Schweighöfer
* Nora Arnezeder
* Hiroyuki Sanada
* Tig Notaro
* Raúl Castillo
* Huma Qureshi
* Garret Dillahunt

Army of The Dead 2021 Movie Story Plot:

"Army of the Dead" opens with a clever scene in which a military transport truck collides with a newlywed couple "celebrating" their wedding on a Nevada highway. A bit of dialog reveals that the convoy has recently arrived from Area 51 and that the undefined cargo is so dangerous that their military-grade weapons can't do much. When the large container carrying the deadly passenger is damaged, it opens, and the soldiers who survived the accident are rather quickly turned into undead before climbing a hill and setting their sights on the City of Sin Las Vegas.

Over a cover version (of course) of "Viva Las Vegas" Snyder unfolds a clever montage of the carnage that happens pretty quickly next. Topless zombie showgirls devour a man in a bathtub; zombies turn casino floors into their playgrounds; the military moves in to get as many survivors out as possible before the entire city is walled off. The credits also introduce us to our main characters, including Ward (Dave Bautista), Cruz (Ana de la Reguera) and Vanderohe (Omari Hardwick) - three soldiers with a deadly aim and a lot of luck. Though they've returned to blue-collar jobs after fleeing the city, while the government debates what to do after a zombie king runs a casino called Olympus.


Army of The Dead Trailer & Teasers:

Army of The Dead Movie 2021 Rating & Review: 

3 Out of 5.

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