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BA Pass 3 to launch on Filmybox app on May 1st, 2021

Narendra Singh's B.A. Pass 3 trailer has finally released with the producer of B.A. Pass now putting on the director's cap. The trailer starts off with two friends discussing the possibility of the "perfect woman". The protagonist Anshul is a jobless man who falls head over heels in love with a married woman. Both Anshul and the married lady Pallavi, played by Ankita Chouhan, pursue each other as the woman is not satisfied with the relationship that she shares with her husband. 

BA Pass 3 Release Date: 

BA Pass 3 is set to release on May 1, 2021, almost a week after the trailer's release. The movie will be available to watch on the FilmyBox app. 

BA Pass 3 Cast:

Sunny Sachdeva

Ankita Sahu

Namish Anand

Ankita Chouhan

Kritika Sachdeva

Armaan Sandhu

Arjun Fauzdar

Ankur Hashampuria

Prince Thakur

Yash Gulati

Amanda Bhogal

A new question is posed in the drama film by Anshul and his friend, "How is a married woman, with a child, a virgin?". The simple and sweet girl is introduced to a world of new temptations by Anshul. Pallavi must now decide between her current, comfortable, married life and a new life of love with Anshul. Many secrets will be revealed in the new movie featuring Armaan Sandhu and Ankita Chouhan in the lead roles. 

BA Pass 3 Trailer & Teasers:

The trailer starts off with Anshul and his friend posing an interesting question, "Does the perfect woman exist?" and instantly switches to Pallavi's son calling her "perfect", showing the contrast between two lover's love and a mother-son duo's love. The main focus in the trailer falls on Pallavi who must figure out the life she chooses to live.

The character, portrayed by Ankita Chouhan, tastefully shows the transition from a simple girl with simple needs to a woman who wishes to explore the wild side of life. Anshul, portrayed by Armaan Sandhu, plays the lover in dilemma who falls deeply in love with Pallavi. His character is shown admiring not only Pallavi's beauty but also her overall character. Pallavi's husband is played by Sunny Sachdeva of Pinjara Khubsurati Ka fame. He too loves Pallavi but is not able to make her as happy as she wishes to be. The movie will explore erotica from the point of view of a married woman who falls in love with another man. According to the trailer's description, the movie will focus on "unwanted relationships", how they are made and then get punished.

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