Never before seen footage from Amazon Prime Video sequel, Borat Subsequent Movie film, will be coming to the streamer soon in the form of a special.

It's worth noting that Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) is seen in interviews responding to certain fibs. For example, at the beginning of the trailer, he says, "In the many months since the stolen election in America, we've found out that thousands of valid votes were tragically counted." In another, he says, "I look at this diverse crowd in every shade of white, all waving machine guns, I've never felt safer." Of course, the scene referenced in the last quote didn't come true in reality, and the trailer includes a glimpse of the actor breaking character and quickly fleeing the rally. We also get a look at the familiar babysitting scenes, plus new footage shot in a makeup bar. The trailer reveals that Amazon will make the content available on its Prime streaming service (as it did with Subsequent Moviefilm ), but it's unclear when Supplemental Reports Retrieved From Floor of Stable Containing Editing Machine will premiere on the platform.

Borat 2 : Supplemental Reporting’s Movie Release Date: 

"Borat Supplemental Reportings Retrieved From Floor of Stable Containing Editing Machine" is a three-part special featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the Oscar-nominated comedy starring Sacha Baron Cohen and Maria Bakalova. It will air May 25 on Amazon Prime.

Borat 2 : Supplemental Reporting’s Movie Cast:

* Sacha Baron Cohen
* Maria Bakalova
* Tom Hanks
* Dani Popescu

Borat 2 : Supplemental Reporting’s Movie Story Plot:

Some of the new and extended scenes feature a 40-minute reality show about Borat living in a cubbyhole with two conspiracy theorists during the coronavirus pandemic, his daughter Tutar (Bakalova) visiting a makeup salon and asking to look like R. Kelly, and an extended conversation between Borat and Tutar's adult babysitter Jeanise Jones.

In another brand new clip, Bakalova poses as a political journalist and interviews a couple about Zoom. "Is social distancing the reason Melania never stands near Donald?" she asks. The couple sternly responds, "She's been doing that since before COVID even came out."


Borat 2 : Supplemental Reporting’s Movie Trailer & Teasers: 

Borat 2 : Supplemental Reporting’s Movie Rating & Review: 

Yet to Release.

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