Lucifer is an American urban fantasy superhero television series based on DC Comics character which has 6 Seasons and debut from the 2016.

The first half of Lucifer season five is currently streaming on Netflix, with the second half to follow soon. It was previously confirmed that this will be the show's last episode, but we now know that this will not be the case. The surprising ending of Lucifer season 5, part 1 eventually introduces perhaps the most significant character aside from the Devil himself, Lucifer's one and only father, God (Dennis Haysbert). However, all plot threads surrounding Michael's master plan remain unresolved and must be resolved. Here's all we know about Lucifer season 5, part 2 despite the fact that the narrative is only half told.

Lucifer Season 5B Web Series 2021 Release Date: 

Releasing on 28th May 2021 on Netflix.

Lucifer Season 5B Web Series 2021 Cast:

* Tom Ellis
* Lauren German
* Kevin Alejandro
* D. B. Woodside
* Lesley-Ann Brandt
* Scarlett Estevez
* Rachael Harris
* Kevin Rankin

Lucifer Season 5B Web Series 2021 Story Plot:

When God intervened to break up the altercation between Lucifer, Michael, and Amenadiel in the LAPD, Lucifer season 5, part 1 concluded on a huge cliffhanger. Despite the fact that God was previously embodied by Sandman author Neil Gaiman, who also co-created the DC Comics/Vertigo Lucifer Morningstar hero that the TV series developed, the Almighty eventually appearing in Lucifer is expected to change everything. In addition, Chloe discovered that she was made by God for Lucifer and that Amenadiel was the one who delivered the "gift" that permitted her to be born, and she is dealing with this as well as the complexities of how she can make an arrangement with the Devil function.

Lucifer Season 5B Web Series 2021 Trailer & Teasers: 

Lucifer Season 5B Web Series 2021 Rating & Review: 

Yet to Release.

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