The international Netflix phenomenon, Money Heist (also known as La Casa De Papel), is officially returning for a fifth and final season on Netflix in 2021. Here’s the latest and everything we know so far about Money Heist season 5, including the path to renewal, its potential release date, production updates, and why we won’t be getting a season 6.

One of the most popular and highly rated series of all time is Money Heist, which has fans all over the world who have watched all the four seasons of this series. The ‘Professor’ character in this series has a huge fan following worldwide. 

Season 4 of Money Heist premiered last year on Netflix during the lockdown and had a great viewership, and season 5, which happens to be the final season of this series, had been expected to premiere soon. 

It took an eternity, but Netflix officially acknowledged that season 5 of Money Heist is coming in August 2020. Sadly, they also confirmed that “the heist comes to an end” meaning that season 5 will be the final instalment of the hit Spanish series. 

Let us recall some of the key moments from season 4 to create a link for the 5th season. The biggest challenge facing the gang is that The Professor is now the one who has been caught red-handed. With a gun to him, the series cuts to credits with a new interpretation of Bella Caio. Also, Lisbon has now joined the rest of the gang in the Bank of Spain. 

The gang now has to work on the final stages of the heist and begin their escape. The biggest question to be answered in the season 5 is whether the team will be able to escape from the Bank of Spain or not. And if yes, how?

Money Heist : Season 5 Web Series 2021 Release Date: 

Money Heist Part 5: Volume 1 - September 3, Volume 2 - December 3

Money Heist : Season 5 Web Series 2021 Cast:

* Úrsula Corberó
* Álvaro Morte
* Itziar Ituño
* Pedro Alonso
* Paco Tous
* Alba Flores
* Miguel Herrán
* Jaime Lorente
* Esther Acebo
* Enrique Arce
* María Pedraza

Money Heist : Season 5 Web Series 2021 Story Plot:

Set in Madrid, a mysterious man known as "The Professor" recruits a group of eight people, who choose cities for code-names, to carry out an ambitious plan that involves entering the Royal Mint of Spain, and escaping with €2.6billion. After taking 67 people hostage inside the Mint, the team plans to remain inside for 11 days to print the money as they deal with elite police forces. In the events succeeding the initial heist, the group are forced out of hiding and find themselves preparing for a second heist, this time on the Bank of Spain, as they again deal with hostages and police forces.

Money Heist : Season 5 Web Series 2021 Trailer & Teasers: 

Money Heist : Season 5 Web Series 2021 Rating & Review: 

Yet to release.

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