"Move To Heaven" (or "I Clean Dead People's Possessions") is a Netflix original drama series released on May 14, 2021 and available to watch online on Netflix.

"Move To Heaven" kdrama will tell the story of a boy named Han Geu Roo who has Asperger Syndrome. It is a syndrome where a person is unable to socialize or communicate well with others.

His father runs a small business called Move To Heaven. In it, they collect and arrange the belongings of a person who has just passed away. Geu Roo also helps out in his father's business. However, one day his father dies. Now his uncle Jo Sang Goo becomes his guardian and they run the business together. However, his uncle has been in prison before.

Move to Heaven 2021 Release Date: 

"Move To Heaven" (or "I Clean Dead People's Possessions") is a Netflix original drama series released on May 14, 2021 and available to watch online on Netflix.

Move to Heaven 2021 Cast:

Lee Je-hoon
Tang Joon-sang
Lee Jae-wook
Ji Jin-hee

Do you know what a "trauma cleaner" is? It's a company that comes in after someone dies, collects and disposes of their belongings, and cleans and deodorizes the room. An South Korean essay by someone who worked as one of these "trauma cleaners" spawned the idea for the unique Move To Heaven series, which incorporates autism and family tensions along with the spiritual business of cleaning up after death.

Move to Heaven 2021 Trailer & Teasers: 

We first see Han Geu -ru (Tang Jun -sang) in an aquarium, studying the aquatic life in the tank and telling an employee all the little details he sees that might need attention. Geu-ru has ASD, probably Asperger's syndrome. He has amazing attention to detail and his observation skills are top notch. His best friend, Na Moo (Hong Seung -hee), who works there, loves how his brain works.

Gen-ru lives with his father Jeong-u (Jin-hee Ji), who cooks him fried eggs the same way for every meal. Jeong-u suggests that maybe it's time for Gen-ru to fry his own eggs if he's ever not around. As Gen-ru rushes into the kitchen to start studying, they get a call. An intern has died in his dorm room.

The two run a business called Move To Heaven. They are "trauma cleaners" who go to the scene where a person has died, collect and throw away most of their possessions, and clean and deodorize the room. But because they have the utmost respect for those who have just died, they collect the most valuable belongings in yellow boxes so they can be returned to the families of the deceased. They try to construct a story about the person's life from what they find.

In the dorm, they see that he has a family, eats spicy ramen, and goes to a convenience store every day to buy a sandwich. He keeps all the receipts. At first they think it's because he can't afford anything better. The fabric freshener told them he doesn't like strong smells. But Jeong-u sees a girl at the checkout counter of the corner store and realizes that's why the guy goes there every day and sprays himself with the freshener.

They track down the young man's parents at the hospital where the funeral is being held. There, a representative of the company the man worked for tries to pay them off and not hold them accountable. The young man's cell phone reveals more guilt than that. Realizing that the parents are tone deaf, he steps in and has the young man's mother tell them how reprehensible their actions are.

On the way out, Jeong-u tells Gen-ru that he can look at the aquarium while he goes to the lawyer's office to sign some contracts. But on his way out of the lawyer's office, he suffers a massive heart attack. Gen-ru waits as long as he can, then remembers he has a driver's license. His panicked search for his father goes thoroughly awry, and Na Moo finds him in the middle of a bridge, stopped by the police. She tells him the devastating news.

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