This film is as much a thriller as it is the indictment of the failure of the public to be reasonable.

Nayattu, which means the hunt, is a sad reflection of the times we live in. We are part of the period in human history where truth seems to have little or no value. In the post-truth era, we don’t want facts. We don’t want a thorough investigation into a case to get to the bottom of it; all we want is a good show. We want a show of justice without procedural fairness. Who gets justice (however shallow or imaginary it might be) and who gets sent to jail depends on the political agenda of the time.

Nayattu Release Date: 
The film was released on 8 April 2021 to positive reviews and wide critical acclaim, praising the story, direction and the cast’s performances.

Nayattu Cast:
Kunchako Boban
Joju George
Nimisha Sajayan

Nayattu is as much a thriller as it is the indictment of the failure of the public to be reasonable. As long as the circus is good, we never really care what’s going behind the curtain. Writer Shahi Kabir’s strong and direct observations resonate with us considering how the power brokers use the media to whip up anger against a target that benefits them politically. Director Martin Prakkat has done a terrific job in visually bringing out all the keen observations of Kabir and painting a bigger picture of the system, which is bent to keep the public in dark.

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Good police dramas and investigations are always gripping; Nayattu adds layers to this by making three civil police officers the culprits in a case and also revealing their personal stories and the toll it takes on their lives.

Just as Praveen Michael (Kunchacko Boban) joins the police newly as a CPO, a local political goon, related to another CPO, Sunitha, played by Nimisha Sajayan, is summoned to the station. The goon is a trouble-maker, as a Dalit party worker, especially when the elections are on. Michael and temperamental senior policeman Maniyan get into a scuffle with the goon and throw him into the cell, when an irritated station CI, who threatened to keep the goon in the lock up for six months, receives a call from the SP asking to let him out.

The issue spins out of control however, when the three CPOs are caught in an accident and go on the run. The rest of the thriller deals with how the police track the trio, who desperately try to stay low till their innocence could be proven. We root for them even as we realise the losing position that they are in.

Watching Nayattu, we become aware that our political and police mechanisms are so twisted, that the drama is there for the making. The police are puppets in the hands of politicians who unscrupulously can't see anything beyond their seats, and lower-level CPOs are 'less than goons' as Maniyan tells new recruit Praveen.

Martin Prakkat delivers a fairly taut tale, filled with drama, tension and empathy, backed by an excellent technical team - Shyju Kahlid's cinematography and Mahesh Narayan's editing are perfectly complement the direction.

Shahi Kabir's screenplay is realistic and enjoyable, with a punch delivered in the election scene at the end, we don't know whether we should laugh or cry over the situation.

The actors are flawless. Joju George is in his usual form as an emotional cop. Kunchacko plays his role in a subdued manner and fits perfectly into the role of a junior policeman. It feels bittersweet to see late actor Anil Nedumangad in his final role.

Nayattu is well worth a watch for the whole family, with its mix of police story, personal drama and message on our politics.

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