Shakeela film trailer is released, Richa chadha plays a lead role in this film

A film is based on a real story of adult actress from south Indian film industry

The main trailer of Richa Chadha-starrer Shakeela is out. The more than two-minute trailer gives a genuine record of how a little youngster from an unassuming Indian home is compelled to turn into a grown-up star, yet one who keeps her heart perfect, regardless of who the enemy.  

The trailer opens with news reports of amazing '90s grown-up star Silk Smitha's inconvenient demise by self destruction. Questions are raised regarding who might make up for the shortfall. The following not many montages set up Shakeela's lower working class presence and how she had no yearnings past marriage. Nonetheless, destiny had willed something else; the inopportune passing of her dad prompts her family moving to the city to look for better lives. At a certain point her mom advise her - 'iss shehr mein agar rehna hai toh mujhe sadak pe bikna hoga ya tujhe pardeh standard (on the off chance that we need to get by in this city, at that point possibly I need to sell my body or you need to do the equivalent onscreen)."  

The following not many montages give us a brief look at Shakeela the seductress. Before long, we are acquainted with Pankaj Tripathi's character - the plotting, womanizing hotshot with an eye for spotting nubile newcomers. Before long, all issues of courteousness are tossed out of the window as her clout over the movies gives no indications of abetting. The trailer closes with Shakeela standing up to Pankaj's character Salim: 'Maine joh bhi kia, khule aam kiya, purdeh ke saamne, kisi ko dhokha nahin dia. Kisi pe zabardasti nahin hai ki woh meri picture aa ke dekhe (Whatever I have done, I did it straightforwardly, I did so onscreen, I didn't swindle anybody. Nobody had to watch my movies.)" 

Shakeela, for the unenlightened, was a grown-up star of the mid 2000s, who worked principally in the South Indian entertainment worlds. At one time, she seriously tested the might of the greatest stars of the day. The film will show the path and hardships of Shakeela's life, who in spite of her moderate Muslim foundation rose to turn into a star in the porno business.  

Aside from Richa and Pankaj, the film additionally stars Malayalam entertainer Rajeev Pillai. It has been coordinated by Indrajith Lankesh.