Spiral is the ninth film in the iconic Saw franchise. Here's what fans can expect from the next gory instalment should Spiral 2 happen.

So far reviews for Spiral have been mixed, but this has typically been the case for Saw movies. After a disappointing reception to 2017's Jigsaw, which aimed to restart the franchise after a seven-year break, fans thought that might mean the end of the long-running saga. Now, Spiral is attempting a soft reboot of the franchise, giving audiences a different perspective in hopes of revitalizing interest in the well-travelled series.

Spiral Movie 2021 Release Date: 

Spiral Movie will releasing on 27th May 2021 in Cinemas.

Spiral Movie 2021 Cast:

* Chris Rock
* Max Minghella
* Marisol Nichols
* Samuel L. Jacks

Spiral Movie 2021 Story Plot:

The cast includes Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson, Max Minghella. These will be the three main casts of the movie. In addition to that, Marisol Nichols from Riverdale fame will be playing Captain Angie Garza, Zeke Banks’s boss. We will also see a glimpse of Samuel L. Jackson in the movie.


Spiral Trailer & Teasers:

While taking a look at the trailer, you may feel it different from the other movie trailers of the same kind. The trailer also has a lot of modern elements. It is set up remotely in comparison to the previous movies.

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