The anticipatory new tv shows will be started in many platforms in next year

We can enjoy it in the Netflix, Disney Plus, and other major sites

  1. "Shadow and Bone" is based on the "Grisha" fantasy trilogy of novels by Leigh Bardugo. "Shadow and Bone" is the tile of the first book in the series. It's expected to debut in 2021.
  2. "Resident Evil" is a live-action adaptation of the hit Capcom video-game series of the same name developed by "Supernatural" producer Andrew Dabb.
  3. "The Sandman" is based on DC's comic books by Neil Gaiman. Gaiman tweeted in November that he was "filled with too many emotions" after watching footage from the series.
  4. "Vikings: Valhalla" is a sequel series to History's "Vikings."
  5. "Cowboy Bebop" is an upcoming live-action adaptation of the popular anime series