Four lions test positive for COVID-19 in Spanish zoo

Four tigers and three lions tested positive for COVID-19 in April

BARCELONA, Dec 8 (Reuters) - Four lions at Barcelona Zoo have tested positive for COVID-19, veterinary authorities said on Tuesday, in only the second known case in which large felines have contracted coronavirus. 

Three females named Zala, Nima and Run Run and Kiumbe, a male, were tested after keepers noticed they showed slight symptoms of coronavirus. 

Two staff at the zoo also tested positive for coronavirus, the authorities said, after the outbreak was first detected last month.

Authorities are investigating how the lions became infected. 

Keepers carried out PCR tests on the lions in the same way as humans are tested as the animals are acustomed to contact with the zoo staff. 

The Veterinary Service of Barcelona contacted colleagues at the Bronx Zoo in New York, It is the only other zoo where large felines are known to have contracted coronavirus.