Why are the doctors going on strike? will it be solved? What will happen with corona patients?

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has straightforwardly restricted the central government's decision.

Allopathic specialists will be protesting today against endorsing medical procedures to Ayurvedic specialists. The strike has been called by the Indian Medical Association ie IMA. Specialists won't work from 6 am to 6 pm. In such a circumstance, it is critical to comprehend why specialists are protesting? What is the issue in getting Ayurvedic specialists to endorse a medical procedure? What will befall crown patients when specialists picket? How about we know ...  

What is wrong?  

On 20 November, the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) gave a warning. This warning permits Ayurvedic specialists considering post-graduate to perform 58 kinds of medical procedures.  

What sort of a medical procedure has been affirmed?  

CCIM permits Ayurvedic specialists to perform 58 kinds of medical procedures. It has 39 general medical procedures, which in Ayurveda language is called 'Shalya'. What's more, 19 kinds of medical procedure are related with nose, ear, throat, eye, which is called 'Shalakya'.  

Is this the first run through?  

No. In 2016, the government provided a comparative notice. This time the notice with respect to the medical procedure of Ayurvedic specialists is more clear than previously. In the 2016 warning, it was said that under the schedule delivered by the CCIM for the PG course, the understudies will be given a medical procedure preparing. This time it is obviously composed that 58 can perform a medical procedure. The Ayurvedic schools have careful and shalakya offices from the earliest starting point.  

What is the issue?  

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has straightforwardly restricted the focal government's choice. IMA President Dr. Rajan Sharma says that this will make 'Khichdi Medical System', which will create mixture specialists. IMA says that on the off chance that alternate routes are received along these lines, at that point what will NEET mean? The IMA has asked the CCIM to pull out this choice.  

What does the public authority state?  

The public authority says that it is an activity to change over the term utilized in Ayurveda to an advanced clinical term. The point is to have better correspondence between individuals from various clinical fields.  

What will befall crisis patients on strike day?  

The IMA has chosen to keep just OPD shut on December 11 out of a cross country specialists' strike. Crisis won't be permitted to be disturbed in any capacity. Crisis patients will have the option to be admitted to medical clinics. The individuals who are as of now conceded, there will be no issue in the treatment moreover.  

What will befall crown patients?  

The Department of Health is totally genuine about the avoidance of crown. In such a circumstance, this strike won't influence the patients of Corona. Like ordinary days, the way toward screening and treatment of crown patients will proceed with full animation