Joe Biden announces relief to transfer amount of money in Accounts

1.9 trillion relief package passed by US president money will be divided as per category of account holder

Joe Biden, who will become US President on January 20, has announced that he will fulfill his most important promise. Biden has announced a 1. 1.9 trillion relief package to get the US economy back on track, which has been severely affected by the Corona. It will be divided into parts. The package will be passed in both houses of Congress, the US Parliament. After the implementation of this package, અમેર 1400 or Rs. 30 thousand will be deposited. One more special thing is that Biden's package has also given relief to small traders. The package is named 'American Rescue Plan'.

Biden's package the sole purpose of getting the US economy back on track? The manner in which the funds are allocated in the package makes it clear that the decision has been made to provide relief to business, education and every American citizen. There is also an emphasis on vaccination.

Yes, of course. In fact, when Trump brought the relief package in November-December, Biden and his Democratic Party raised a number of questions. Now that the Republican Party has a majority in the Senate, they can ruin the program. Secondly, there is no separate announcement for the defense sector in the package. This can also be objected to.


One thing seems to attract attention. Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris announced the relief package in Biden's hometown of Wilmington (Delaware). Usually such a big announcement is made from the capital of the country. Biden has now said that the crisis is big and the road is full of difficulties. We don’t want to waste any more time, whatever needs to be done is to do it immediately.

Biden wants about 100 million Americans to be vaccinated in 100 days. They want to increase the employment allowance from 300 300 per month to 400 400. It plans to spend 130 130 billion to reopen schools. Receiving કરોડ 400 a month to 11 million unemployed people is a great relief.

The relief package, which accounts for more than half of India's total economy, is currently worth 3 trillion. From this point of view, the relief package announced by Bide is more than half of the total value of the Indian economy.