North Korea's acting emissary to Kuwait deformities to South Korea, legislator says

The obvious deserting would be the most recent in a new line of prominent departures from the secluded country and a possible hit to pioneer Kim Jong Un.

SEOUL — North Korea's acting minister to Kuwait has absconded to South Korea, the most recent in a new line of prominent breaks from the confined country, a South Korean administrator said on Monday.


Ryu Hyun Woo had driven North Korea's consulate in Kuwait since previous Ambassador So Chang Sik was ousted after a 2017 U.N. goal looked to downsize the country's abroad conciliatory missions. Ryu deserted to South Korea last September, as indicated by Tae Yong Ho, who was North Korea's representative diplomat to Britain prior to getting comfortable the South in 2016 and being chosen as an administrator a year ago. Kuwait had been a vital wellspring of unfamiliar money for Pyongyang, which sent large number of workers there, generally for development projects.

Tae said Ryu is additionally the child in-law of Jon Il Chun, who once supervised a Worker's Party authority liable for dealing with the decision Kim special kind of mystery's coffers, named Room 39. The National Intelligence Service declined to remark. Ryu's surrender could be an indication that the North Korean first class who shore up pioneer Kim Jong Un's force base has been floating away from him gradually yet continually, Tae said. Ryu fled a while after Jo Song Gil, who was acting representative to Italy, evaporated with his significant other from the international safe haven and reemerged in South Korea. Tae disclosed to Reuters that the information and encounters of the rest of the world acquired as a representative had encouraged frustration among his family, and he chose to disappear to "offer opportunity" to his youngsters, calling for different authorities to go with the same pattern.


"I need to convey to my associates working around the planet and North Korean elites that there is an option in contrast to North Korea, and the entryway is open," Tae said in a meeting at the new Reuters Next gathering.