US orders 24 Russian diplomats to leave country by September 3

Washington has encouraged 24 Russian negotiators to leave the US by September 3 because of visa termination, the Russian diplomat to the US educated on Sunday

Washington has encouraged 24 Russian representatives to leave the US by September 3 because of visa lapse, the Russian minister to the US educated on Sunday. 

Practically every one of the negotiators will leave the US without substitutions as Washington has suddenly fixed visa giving strategies, Xinhua revealed refering to Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov. 

"We have gotten a rundown of 24 negotiators who are relied upon to leave the country before September 3, 2021, last December the US State Department singularly settled a three-year limit on the task time frame for Russian work force in the United States that, apparently, isn't applied to some other country," Antonov added. 

His comments came during a meeting with the Washington-based The National Interest.

While the US State Department representative Ned Price reacted to Antonov's comments and said that his "portrayal of the circumstance isn't precise. It's mistaken." 

"The three-year limit on visa legitimacy for Russians, it's the same old thing. At the point when visas terminate, these people are required to leave the nation or apply for an expansion," Ned educated. 

Prior, the Russian Foreign Ministry in April declared a total restriction on the US political missions from employing residents of Russia or third nations to managerial and specialized presents accordingly on US assents and removal of Russian ambassadors, Xinhua announced.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced in April that a complete ban on the US diplomatic missions from hiring citizens of Russia or third countries to administrative and technical posts. It was reportedly in response to the US sanctions and expulsion of Russian diplomats. While Price described the past actions as a “response to the Russian government’s harmful actions,” he also said that the United States valued the “open channels of communications.” 

Russian ambassador to the US’ remarks came during an interview with the Washington-based The National Interest and prompted a response by US State Department spokesperson Ned Price. The US official said that Antonov’s “characterization of the situation is not accurate. It's incorrect." Price also said that the three-year limit on visa validity for Russian nationals is “nothing new” and noted that they have to apply for an extension.