2021 Copa América : Schedule, Live News, Venues, Preview, Starting date & Many More….

Argentina is ready to host the Copa America, President Alberto Fernandez confirmed Sunday, despite the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic that has killed more than 70,000 people in his country.

The 2021 Copa América will be the 47th edition of the Copa América, the international men's football championship organized by South America's football ruling body CONMEBOL. The tournament will take place in Colombia and Argentina from 13 June to 10 July 2021. This will mark the first time it will be hosted by more than one country since 1983, when it was played in a home–away basis, and the first time in two countries.

Copa America 2021 Teams and Groups : 

Group A (Argentina):

* Argentina
* Bolivia
* Uruguay
* Chile
* Paraguay

Group B (Colombia):

* Colombia
* Brazil
* Venezuela 
* Ecuador
* Peru

The 2021 Copa América Schedule : 

Round 1

* Argentina vs Chile, June 13th
* Paraguay vs Bolivia, June 13th
* Colombia vs Ecuador, June 14th
* Brazil vs Venezuela, June 14th

Round 2

* Argentina vs Uruguay, June 17th
* Chile vs Bolivia, June 17th
* Peru vs Brazil, June 18th
* Colombia vs Venezuela, June 18th

Round 3

* Argentina vs Paraguay, June 20th
* Uruguay vs Chile, June 20th
* Venezuela vs Ecuador, June 21st
* Colombia vs Peru, June 21st

Round 4

* Bolivia vs Uruguay, June 23rd
* Chile vs Paraguay, June 23rd
* Colombia vs Brazil, June 24th
* Ecuador vs Peru, June 24th

Round 5

* Argentina vs Bolivia, June 27th
* Uruguay vs Paraguay, June 27th
* Ecuador vs Brazil, June 28th
* Venezuela vs Peru, June 28th

* 1A vs 4B, July 2nd
* 2A vs 3B, July 2nd
* 1B vs 4A, July 3rd
* 2B vs 3A, July 3rd

* G21 vs G22, July 5th
* G23 vs G24, July 6th

Third and fourth place 
* P26 vs P25, July 9th

* G26 vs G25, July 10th

The 2021 Copa América Venues : 

* Buenos Aires - Argentina
* Córdoba - Argentina
* Mendoza - Argentina
* Santiago del Estero - Argentina
* Barranquilla - Colombia
* Bogotá - Colombia
* Cali - Colombia
* Medellín - Colombia

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