AUS vs IND: government of Queensland gives blunt remarks to Indian cricketers

Do not come to Brisbane if you can’t play by the rules: Queensland Government

A thick clouds of doubts now hover around fourth and final Brisbane Test between Australia and India as Queensland government members have told the Indian team not to come to Brisbane at all if they can’t respect the COVID-19 quarantine rules of the state.

Earlier reports said Team India is not keen on travelling to Brisbane for the fourth and final Test owing to reports emerging that they might incur sever lockdown protocols on travelling to Queensland. 

According to a report in Cricbuzz, India have been clear about the fact they would not undergo a separate quarantine period apart from the initial 14-day period on landing in Australia. But with reports saying that their movement will be much more limited on reaching Brisbane, they have expressed their reluctance on travelling to the Gabba for the final Test. 

And Queensland government members have hit back at such claims in blunt statements. The state’s Health Shadow Minister Ros Bates was quoted as saying by Fox Sports: “If the Indians don’t want to play by the rules, don’t come.”


Queensland’s Shadow Sports Minister Tim Mander also dismissed India’s complaints.

“If the Indian cricket team wants to spit the dummy and disregard quarantine guidelines in Brisbane for the fourth Test, then they shouldn’t come,” Mander said.

“The same rules must apply for everyone. Simple.”