India vs Australia, Live match and Update

India and Australia on the ground

Australia  191 (72.1)

R. Ashwin to M. Labuschagne, OUT! CAUGHT! Marnus departs in search of quick runs! Ashwin smartly bowls one around off and slows this one up too. Marnus comes dancing down the track eyeing the mid-wicket fence but fails to nail it to perfection. The ball flies to the man at mid on where Mayank Agarwal takes a dolly. Just 8 more required for Australia to win this Test.

R. Ashwin to M. Wade, OUT! RUN OUT! Not the time to get out when you are in touching distance of a victory. Wade and Australia won't  be happy but India would still take it to boost their morale on the field. Ashwin tosses one onto the pads of Wade who skips down the track and looks to flick it to the leg side but manages to hit to the man at short leg. Prithvi Shaw there looks to take the evasive action but the ball hits his sheen guard and rolls to the stumps. Wriddhiman Saha there takes the ball and whips the bails off. No need to go upstairs as Wade was way down the track there.

Australia needs 90 to win over India

P. Cummins to V. Kohli, OUT! CAUGHT! Brilliant effort in the field from the debutant Cameron Green! Pat gets his 4th wicket and he is on fire here. Bowls one on a length and around off,  How many times have we seen Kohli chase a wide delivery in Test cricket? The answer would be many times. The nemesis of 2014 England tour comes to the fore. Pat Cummins did the same thing here. He bowls it on a length and outside off, Kohli trying to break the shackles looks to take the bowler on but ends up chipping it uppishly to the man at point where Green dives to his left and goes for the catch. He though does not take it on the first attempt but manages to hold onto it on the rebounce. Kohli though stands theere as the umpire takes it upstairs to check whether the  catch is clean or no. The soft signal is out and after mitiple replays the third umpire deems it to be a clean take and Kohli has to walk back. India in dire straits.

J. Hazlewood to A. Rahane, OUT! CAUGHT! Another one bites the dust! Rahane departs for a duck! India in all sorts of trouble here. From 6/1 they are 15/5 in no time. Hazlewood bowls a fuller one this time in that channel around off, Rahane goes for the defensive push with hard hands but ends up getting a thick outside edge behind to the keeper who accepts it gleefully.

J. Hazlewood to M. Agarwal, OUT! CAUGHT! Perfect from Hazlewood. Bowls it on a good length and around off, Agarwal does the same mistake as that of Pujara as he too goes to defend off the back foot. The ball just about shapes away from the batsman to catch the outside edge. This time though it goes at a good height to Paine who takes it with ease. Looks like India are losing the plot here.