TechSparks 2020: UK-India Tech Hub is boosting technology entrepreneurship among globe

The UK-India Tech Hub is a global network of international tech hubs developed by the UK Government

The UK-India Tech Hub is a global network of international tech hubs developed by the UK Government's Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) to build a digital ecosystem and support tech entrepreneurship in India.  At the 11th edition of YourStory’s flagship event TechSparks 2020, officials of the UK-India Tech Hub — Anubhav Jain (Country Director), Lakshmi Misra (Deputy Director), Nikita (Deputy Director), Angel Terresa Rani (Operations Coordinator), and Milan Nihlani (Operations Coordinator) — provided a deep-dive insight on the programmers offered by the organization.  

The UK-India Tech Hub — a country partner of the all-virtual event — works to create local skilled jobs within the tech ecosystem. It generates opportunities for business partnerships, which leads to a healthy revenue pipeline over time, enabling entrepreneurs to raise funding. 

The UK-India Tech Hub aims to support and boost tech entrepreneurship in India through partnerships with digital ecosystem stakeholders, including incubators, accelerators, Indian private sector firms, the Government of India, agencies, and non-profit organizations.

It launched its first programme — Go Global India — between October and December 2019 to support early-stage tech startups, enabling them to build links with the UK tech sector and scale businesses internationally, while promoting the country as a partner of choice. The Go Global India programme has enrolled about 18 Indian startups. 


Between June and July this year, the tech hub also launched a second programme called Go Global Webinar Series to help tech startups from India navigate through the COVID-19 crisis. About 19 tech startups from India participated in the programme. The UK-India Tech Hub programmes witness startups predominantly from the logistics, medtech, cleantech, edtech, and security sectors.  The Tech Hub Network has four other programmes in its pipeline to help entrepreneurs connect globally and perhaps raise capital. These programmes include Covista — where it will invite participants solving health and safety measure issues. In fact, tech companies who are into geotagging, geofencing, contactless entry, monitoring vitals, and others can also participate in the programme.