WhatsApp: Five highlights you should evaluate now

We have made a list of five WhatsApp features that we believe you should try out now if you still haven't.

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging services in India. The app has a lot of features that are hidden in the settings section. While you might be aware of most of the features, there are still a few that you might not have witnessed in the app yet. We have made a list of five WhatsApp features that we believe you should try out now if you still haven’t. So, keep reading to know more about the messaging service.

How to check if the message is read without blue ticks

If someone has the read receipts turned off on WhatsApp, the blue ticks do not appear. So it becomes hard to know if the person has read the WhatsApp messages or not. But there is a workaround to this. You can send the person an audio message on WhatsApp. So, if even they have disabled the blue ticks, you will still know if the user has checked the audio message. That’s because the blue ticks features remains live for audio messages irrespective.

How to find the most important message on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the top messaging apps for communication. So, if an individual sends an important message, you might want to access that particular on a specific time. You just need to mark the message as star, which will cut down the hunting time. One can mark important messages or media files in a chat by just taping and holding the message and then hit the Star icon. You can find the starred messages by visiting the three-dotted icon, located on the top right corner.

How to check all the audio/video files or photos sent on WhatsApp

There is the easiest way to separately check all the photos, or videos, or audio, or just the Gifs used on WhatsApp. Just launch open the WhatsApp app and tap on the search bar. Here, you will see the mentioned options. Once you select any one of them, the app will show you files accordingly.

Once you get a collection of photos, or gifs or other files, you can then send that to any contact. You also get to check in which chat you have used or seen the particular file.

How to delete files larger than 5MB on WhatsApp

If you are running out of space, then the best way is to check what files are larger than 5MB and then delete them right away. You just need to go to settings > storage and data > Manage storage. Here, you will see an option – Larger than 5MB. Tap on this and WhatsApp will show you all the big files. This will not only save your time, but also help you free up space much faster.

How to read WhatsApp Web messages without opening the chat

You might have already witnessed this feature. So, if you get a message on WhatsApp Web, just place the mouse cursor on the chat, and do not open it. Placing the cursor on the chat will show you the newly received messages. There are times when you don’t want the person to know that you have read the message. So, in case you are using WhatsApp Web, then this is the only way to read all the messages without opening the chat.