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Máncora is a town and beach resort in the Piura Region, in northwestern Peru. It is located in the Talara Province and is capital of the Máncora District. The town has 10,547 inhabitants (2007).

The Pan-American Highway serves as Máncora's main street. The area is known for its turquoise beaches and good waves, making it a surfing destination. The beach town has over 30 different beach resorts that receive tourists from all over South America. It has a large proportion of restaurants and nightclubs for such a small town of 10,000. Resorts rim the nearby kilometers of beaches connected by a road. Most people arrive by bus, private car, or plane from the Talara Airport or Tumbes Airport. Currently, tourism is booming as a large influx of tourists take to the beaches all year round. In 2005, 340,000 tourists visited Mancora. Las Pocitas de Mancora, 10 minutes South, is one of the prettiest of all the area. Since June 2020 Máncora has a new private owned Airport with the name Walter Braedt Segú (runway 1750 x 30 m), Code OACI SPWB (landing and take-off 22 and 04) Distance to Mancora is 3 km.

Foods in Mancora :
(1) Lomo Saltado
(2) Pollo Saltado
(3) Tallarines Verdes con Bistec
(4) Tallarines a la Huancaina con Lomo Saltado
(5) Tallarin Saltado de Pollo
(6) Tallarin Saltado de Carne
(7) Arroz Chaufa
(8) Arroz con Mariscos
(9) Bistec a lo Pobre

Weather & geography in Mancora :
During summer months soft rains are common. The geographical position of the area locates all these beaches of Piura and Tumbes in front of the crossing of the two large water currents: the cold one called Humboldt (coming from South) and the warm Equatorial or current El Niño (from North).

Per day Cost in Mancora :
The cheapest trip to Mancora is about $92 per person per day for travelers willing to take standby flights, deal with inconvenience, and otherwise limit travel expenses. About 9% of rentals are available in the $0 to $100 range for an entire place, and vacation rentals can be booked for as low as $20 per night.

History of Mancora :
Even though Peru has a huge coastline due to the Humboldt Current that dominates large parts of the Peruvian Coast, water temperatures for the Pacific Ocean are not the most comfortable. This is true from the border with Chile till around the city of Trujillo where this colder sea current turns away further from the coast. This means that the far north coast of Peru, close with the border with Ecuador has the best beach options in Peru. Also blessed with a warm climate throughout the year, this is the place to go for some down time on the beach. Mancora is probably the best known name but for those looking for a little quieter place to enjoy the beach, Vichayitos is probably your pick.

Language in Mancora :

Culture of Mancora :
For most people, this beach town in Northern Peru means surfing and partying. But for the traveler willing to settle for a few weeks, there is much more that this unique city has to offer.

Place to visit in Mancora :
(1) Playa Mancora
(2) Peru tours
(3) Playa Los Organos
(4) Las Pocitas Beach
(5) El Mirador del Faro
(6) Wild Kite Peru
(7) Mancora Kite Club
(8) Flymancora
(9) Ecofundo La Caprichosa
(10) Inka Warrior Surf School

How to reach in Mancora :
The two nearest airports to Mancora are Tumbes and Piura. Tumbes: There are 2 daily flight between Lima and Tumbes (flight time 2 hours) with LATAM From Tumbes airport you can easily find taxis to take you directly to Mancora.

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