AK VS AK : The film delivers on Netflix on December 24.

Star wars: Anurag Kashyap and Anil Kapoor fight it out in 'AK versus AK'

Producer Anurag Kashyap and entertainer Anil Kapoor are good to go to bring AK versus AK to the screens in which the two will be seen plating themselves. The creators on Monday delivered the trailer of the film which pulled in much consideration of the watchers. The trailer shows that Kashyap grabs Anil Kapoor's girl as they conflict as a result of their consciences. Coordinated by Vikramaditya Motwane, the film will deliver on Netflix on December 24.  

The trailer shows how the entertainer Anil Kapoor looks for his girl after Kashyap seizes her. It likewise shows the entertainer going through different stages as he deals with his life and what's going on around him. Strangely, Sonam Kapoor and Boney Kapoor additionally make appearances in the film.  

The beginning of the content started from screenwriter Avinash Sampath seven years prior, said Vikramaditya Motwane. "Like every one of my movies, it has taken seven years to make this [AK versus AK] one," he stated, adding, "[About who is greater of the two] Ultimately, the film matters and not these two."

Never has there been three distinct trailers for a film. Supposedly, Anurag Kashyap moved toward Anil Kapoor for a film and is indicated his place, in spite of being a commended movie producer who has reliably spoken to India at worldwide film celebrations. In Anil's variant of the trailer, the star is greater than the film, suitably mirroring the Bollywood we have come to know. "Stars make films in India, not the chief," says Anil Kapoor in the trailer, which, as indicated by him, is the "first, Los Angeles-endorsed [headquarters of Netflix] trailer that Vikram and I settled upon".  

What precisely occurred among Kashyap and Kapoor that left them go head on? "There's a set of experiences between us. He has offered me films however has utilized swear words, as he does in his movies. The strain has consistently been there," said Kapoor, pouring a sprinkle of water on Kashyap, similar to the manner in which the last does in AK versus AK.